Force 1 launched this service in 2013, after it took over the Romanian assets’ transportation division from PROSEGUR Spain.

Today, this service is available nationwide, with workstations in all major cities.

At our customers’ request, we have decided to invest in the development of the first cash processing centre.

Thus, in late 2016, we have inaugurated the newest cash processing centre in Romania, developed with top of the line software, hardware and security solutions, lowering human interaction during processing workflow and the associated risks to a minimum.

SMART – is a modular system which provided the groundwork of our project, thus allowing a rapid development of our processing capabilities.

Our cash processing centre meets the highest security standards, being audited and approved by authorities and external partners operating worldwide (LOOMIS INTERNATIONAL).


FORCE 1 advantages

  • FORCE1 Cash app is designed for both banking and non-banking customers;
  • User-friendly online platform dedicated to initializing, approving and monitoring orders;
  • Real-time online reporting, personalized for every customer;
  • The option of automatic debiting of accounts when receiving cash and issuing personalized reports;
  • Customers access to real-time monitoring of processes: receiving values, transport, processing, storage and remittance;
  • 5 mil. Euro insurance policy/armoured car/transport;
  • 2 mil. Euro insurance policy for deposits;
  • The levels of insured values during transport, processing and storage are flexible which allows permanent cost optimization;
  • The possibility of independent or integrated use of Force1 Cash apps;
  • Traceability and transparency for all processes and activities;
  • Flexibility towards customers’ requests when encountering various issues (increasing/decreasing number of collections/remittances, etc);
  • Strictly monitored workflow;
  • Leading-edge Dispatch, equipped with specialized apps for real-time tracking and monitoring of transport vehicles, 24/7;
  • Qualified, approved and highly trained staff;
  • Key account manager for every customer to ensure good communication and quick response to any request.

Do you need more details?

Do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone.


Do you need more details?  

Do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone.


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  • Teamwork
  • Trust and integrity
  • Openness and initiative