Our best result: the trust of more than 4.000 customers, nationwide.

We strive every day to keep our customers’ trust, offering the best and most efficient services for their homes and businesses, along with high-end security solutions.

For more than 15 years, we have been protecting our customers, at any point in their life!

The experience gained helped us provide services closer to our customers’ lifestyle and activities. Our solutions are controlled through mobile apps which allow our customers real-time management, wherever they may be.

This service involves remote monitoring of security systems and solutions, installed in various locations, and intervention of dedicated crews, in case of emergency.

Our systems and solutions are the easiest way to protect your propriety, regardless of its nature, from homes, offices, stores, buildings, logistic and storage spaces, to photovoltaic parks and wind farms.


Why choose FORCE 1

  • Monitoring software that allows integrated management of security systems and simultaneous response to several detected events;
  • Intervention time assumed contractually;
  • Events notifications through SMS to one or more customers;
  • SMS notifications in case of power failure, free of charge;
  • Personalized email notifications for incoming events, regardless of their nature and number of receivers, free of charge;
  • Scheduled personalized reports, sent automatically, free of charge;
  • Events history, stored for 2 years, free of charge;
  • Automated anti-hacking protection software;
  • Work environment strictly monitored;
  • 1 million Euro insurance policy;
  • Communication equipment offered in custody throughout the contractual duration.

Do you need more details?  


Do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone.


Do you need more details?  

Do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone.


  • Client oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Trust and integrity
  • Openness and initiative